1. What are the coordinates of Camp McIntosh? Google shows the coordinates of 45.963699 & -80.892149.

  2. What type of energy does Camp McIntosh use? Our primary power is solar and secondary is generator.

  3. What type of lighting is in your cabins? We have standard lights.

  4. Are there plug outlets available in the cabins to plug in CPAP machines or cell phones? We are able to provide a light socket to outlet for your cabin.

  5. Are there fridges in the cabins? There are no fridges in the cabins, although we include ice with your package for your coolers.

  6. Do we sell fishing licenses? You are able to purchase these on line.

  7. Do we provide fishing rods and lures? We do not as many anglers have their own preference on rods and lures. We do have some lures available to sell.

  8. What time is breakfast and dinner served?  Breakfast is at 8:00 am and dinner is at 6:00 pm.

  9. What are some examples of breakfasts that are served? Coffee, tea and orange juice are served with every breakfast.  Each day the type of egg changes from over easy, scrambled,  and omelets.  Bacon and sausage are served on rotation.  French toast or pancakes also may be served.

  10. What are some examples of dinners that are served? Coffee and tea are available with every dinner.  Our dinners range from BBQ chicken, coconut rice, and fresh veggies to pasta, to oven baked chicken, fried rice and fresh veggies, to BBQ pork chops, scalloped potatoes, and fresh veggies.  A fresh salad and homemade dessert is served with every dinner.

  11. Do we allow dogs?  Yes as long as they are family friendly.  Dogs are an extra $25 per day.

  12. Do we sell alcohol? No, we are not licensed to sell alcohol.

  13. What time does the boat pick up at Highway 69? 10:00 am unless otherwise informed

  14. What time does the boat leave Camp McIntosh on the date of departure? 9:00 am

  15. Do you have guides available? Yes we are able to arrange for a guide.  They need to be pre-booked.

  16. Do we clean fish for you? We are around if you need assistance.

  17. Is there a place to charge batteries for your fish finder or trolling motor? Yes we have outlets available in the fish and dock house.

  18. Is there cell phone reception?  Cell Phone reception is limited because of where we are located.

  19. Is Wi-Fi available? Yes we have Wi-Fi available for our guests in the lodge.